Strategic Communications Audit, Development and Support



MTM has considerable experience in Auditing Strategic and Operational Communications, both for effective day to day operations and when planning for or operating in a crisis. We assess capacity and competencies and provide advice as well as facilitation to create effective strategic communications plans and delivery mechanisms. 


We work with the executive board and their project teams to clarify the vision, the values and the actions that need to be taken to achieve their corporate goals. This is integrated into their  Leadership Communication Strategy and roll-out plans.


Aligning both the internal and external communications with the key brand and core messaging, then allows us to develop an effective external stakeholder engagement strategy and communications delivery plan through the use of public affairs, public relations, the media and social media


We regularly run PR & Comms Team Development and Operational Planning Exercise days to help in-house Comms teams prepare for and deliver effective communications in a crisis. We realign their organisation, people and resources to adapt to the fast changing situations, channels and audience needs that require a UniComms multi-channel strategy. To find our more please email or call us on (+44) 01386 859664  


If required, we provide targeted Leadership Masterclass Coaching to strengthen the delivery skills and confidence of those facing the key stakeholder audiences or the media during a crisis.


For high-profile launch events or complex reputational management projects, we are often asked to direct Strategic Communications Operational Communications Support and/or Crisis Media Management. In the longer term, we often strengthen a client's own leadership and communications teams by providing Ongoing Mentoring.


We ensure that clients are fully prepared and can confidently meet the challenges of both internal and external stakeholder engagement as well as external media, political and public scrutiny when the pressure is high.


Our teams are highly experienced, hands-on professionals with a long history of being at the cutting edge of successful communications across public and private sector, as well as international NGO's and broadcast media.