Leadership in Uncertain Times

These are testing times. From Brexit in 2016 through Covid to the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world and its business environment has been a roller-coaster for many.

What clients, suppliers and employees crave is a degree of certainty and direction. What effective leaders can provide in these circumstances is reassurance that they are aware of the challenges, show empathy with those affected and a clear direction and strategy for their organisation.

Plans may need to change, but creating a shared understanding of the direction of travel and what is needed to get there is vital to keeping the right people on board at such a critical time.

Effective communication is the key and effective communication consultancy and coaching is what we provide. 

Over 20+ years of personal coaching and courses for small groups, MTM have developed a series of tailored interventions that build on the existing strengths of an organisation and its people. 

We rapidly develop effective communication skills in highly performing individuals.

From more effective businesses presentations and pitches through to conference speaking with confidence, to briefing or answering questions to parliamentary select committees or official inquiries, or developing advanced media interview skills for key product launches or handling the media in a crisis, we have extensive experience in making sure that you and your team perform at their best. 

To arrange an initial discussion to explore ideas, please email us  info@mtmleadership.co.uk