2020 - Certainty amidst uncertainty...


2020 - It's Brexit year!

To say that we are witnessing one of the biggest failures of political leadership in the UK's history, is for the majority of UK leaders, not an overstatement. 

What we do know is that the need for responsible leaders and managers to provide reassurance and communicate a clear plan for the potential options is the best and only viable solution if they wish to maintain the motivation of their teams and customer and investor confidence, as potentially seismic economic change occurs around them. 

As in the old joke about giving directions that starts, "If you want to get there, I wouldn't start from here." the current route map lacks any sense of destination or vision of how to get there. 

Brexit means Brexit is a hopeless circular catchphrase unless you know what end result Brexit is targetting. To date, noone appears to agree on what that is.  

What is clear that whatever route is taken by the UK government in negotiations, 2020 is a year when effective leadership and management communication is essential. That applies as much for European and global businesses as it does UK based organisations as most organisations will be impacted in some way, financially, culturally or emotionally. 

They need clear leadership and a wider strategic thinking about how organisations, whatever their size, can deliver reassurance and motivation, in order to fight lower productivity as general economic confidence falls. 

MTM is dedicated to helping you think and act more strategically, and increase the impact and confidence in your interpersonal and leadership communications.

We offer leadership and management consultancy, coaching and support to help you meet both your internal and external clients' needs even more effectively. We provide a strategic overview and coaching in 1-1 or small groups to help develop and deliver effective leadership communication skills, public speaking skills, more effective pitching and business presentations with impact and confident media interview skills, alongside using English more effectively as the common language. 

We also offer bespoke change project communications management and consultancy to help clients deliver lasting and effective cultural and operational changes in their organisations.

We regularly provide both advice and hands-on management/support in reputation, issue and crisis/potential communications using our network of dedicated experienced professionals.

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