2018 - A new year, new challenges and a new focus...

2018 - A new year with new challenges and a new focus... 

2018 is a year when most businesses will experience big changes. In the UK, Brexit and its impacts will be the biggest news, and in common with elsewhere, robots, digitisation and the internet of things will all impact on the economic environment and the way we work.

Global currencies are in for a ride with the big winners expected to be the Euro  and the Japanese Yen. If the Brexit discussions yield stalemate or worse, UK sterling is expected to drop 15-20% causing inflation to rise sharply and the country to be far less attractive to key workers from overseas who may well head for the door, leaving critical services such as the NHS, food production and the service industries understaffed and struggling to cope. 

It all amounts to a need for clear leadership and a wider strategic thinking about how companies, especially mid-sized ones, will need to  deliver new business from overseas opportunities as the fall in sterling creates an advantage.

The change in mindset to focus on export markets especially in services and high tech manufacturing, requires organisational leaders to approach these markets from a perspective that is focused on customer and market needs, rather than traditional UK style 'push' sales.   

MTM is dedicated to helping you think and act more strategically,  increasing personal impact and confidence in your interpersonal and leadership communications.

We have streamlined our business to meet the challenges of 2018, ensuring we meet our clients' needs even more effectively. through 1-1 or small group coaching in leadership communications skills, effective public speaking, pitching and business presentations with impact and confident media interview skills, alongside using English more effectively as the common language. 

We also offer bespoke change project communications management and consultancy to help clients deliver lasting and effective cultural and operational change in their organisations.

We provide both advice and hands-on management of reputation, issue and crisis/potential communications using our network of dedicated experienced professionals.

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