Brexit - So here's the plan...

Listen Think Lead


Most people have a role that puts them in a leadership position. Whether it is at home, in a social group or at work.

We know that those around us need reassurance or guidance or to be given hope that we have a clear view of what is happening and a vision for the way forward.

Recently on BBC News, I heard Michael Heseltine, a former senior cabinet minister, discussing how, in his view, the UK has suddenly woken up to find that we have no clear leadership and no plan of what happens next after Brexit. He pointed out that every business leader is going into work this morning thinking about their investment plans and the impact on their business. He pointed out the danger of UK organisations going into a paralysis that leads us into a deep recession.  He explained his vision of what should happen next. He sounded like a leader...

For me, it highlighted that every business and every organisation, whether in the public or private sector, now needs its leadership team to stand up to the plate and share their thoughts with their key stakeholders.... their investors, their employees, their clients and their suppliers.  

With the reverberation of the UK Brexit decision shaking the corridors of power in Westminster, Brussels and most other European capitals, we need our leaders and managers to reassure us that at least in our own organisation, there are people who are listening and observing what is going on, have thought about the potential impacts and now have a vision for how we must adapt today's reality into a plan for succeeding in a time of disruptive change.

We need leaders, directors and managers to communicate effectively, using this opportunity to inspire and motivate us through the transformational change that will inevitably follow last Thursday's vote.

I am not alone in being heartily sick of the political name-calling and the divisive leadership that has led us to Brexit. It has unnecessarily put the UK into the biggest constitutional crisis we have known in peacetime.

Now is not the time to continue the name-calling, the depression and the negativity. It only breeds deeper depression and greater divisiveness. It does nothing to help our employees, our clients and our suppliers understand this situation and the impact on them.

Now is the time when every organisation's leaders and their managers need to analyse the situation, assess the potential impacts, listen to sound advice, come up with a plan and communicate with their teams.

The MTM leadership coaching team have spent 20 years supporting, advising and coaching leaders in the public and private sector, here in the UK and overseas to be more effective communicators. This week, every one of them will be leading their teams more effectively as a result.

If they need further support, guidance or coaching to ensure that they reassure, motivate and inspire their people effectively, they know MTM will be there for them and their organisations, to help turn uncertainty into opportunity.

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