August sees the launch of MTM's Leadership Masterclass Coaching Programme with exciting and intensive bespoke coaching that meets the precise needs of executive leaders and their high performing teams.  

New pricing, easy access and great continuing support are all features that clients have asked us to create, helping them plan the continuous professional development of their top teams. 

With great feedback from our clients, we are delighted to be offering intensive CPD programmes to our retained clients at prices that suit tight HR, Communications and Leadership & Development budgets. 

You can now choose to book individual MTM Leadership Masterclasses in:

Advanced Public Speaking with Personal  Impact

Articulating Thought Leadership in Speeches and Interviews

Engaging Boardroom Presentations  

Advanced Media Interview Skills

Reputation Management Communications

Crisis Leadership Communications

Developing Effective Leadership Team Communications. All the above are priced at just £2400 + VAT for a 1-1 day long coaching session at the MTM Centre for Leadership in Broadway, with additional delegates being charged just £899+VAT.

However, like an increasing number of clients, you can opt to retain us to develop the personal leadership and communication skills of your senior leadership teams, under a cost-effective annual retained contract

It gives you retained, priority access to our world-class coaches and mentors from just £599 per delegate/event and allows us to support the development of your key executives during their year-long, transformational journey. . 

With input from the world's leading experts in cognitive neuroscience and communications, integrated with high level delivery skills from our voice and performance coaches and content development teams, we guarantee that your leadership team will become more effective, engaging your key stakeholders and delivering the impact they need to inspire, motivate and drive the changes needed to meet their goals.  

Focused on developing the communication skills needed to influence perceptions of brand and reputation through targeted, integrated personal communications, our intensive scientific approach challenges delegates to start with an audience centric approach that delivers engaging and effective communication that follows an over-arching strategic narrative and has real impact. 


To learn more, contact us directly by emailing

or calling us on  +44(0)1386 859664