CLMD delivers Effective Communication & Communication Strategies lectures at Newcastle University Business School.


MBA and International HR Masters students at Newcastle University Business School attended two lectures in March that were delivered by Warwick Partington, our managing director.

 He focused on the value of effective personal leadership communications and effective communications strategies to deliver change in public and private sectors as well as in international relations.

"It is vital that the next generation of leaders understand the importance and role of effective communications and how to deliver it" said Warwick Partington, himself a Newcastle University Alumnus. "The world is changing, communication channels are changing and audiences change the way they access and are influenced by both internal communication channels and the external media. Yesterday's communications approaches are common in both the private and public sector and leaders normally only realise that they have failed to inspire, motivate or persuade when it is too late. Effective integrated strategic communications should be at the heart of every organisation that needs to be competitive, efficient and effective"  

Case studies included the challenge of change in merging a failing NHS Trust with its neighbour, the challenge for new CEO's in the automotive sector, the challenge of effectively leading an organisation during a crisis and the challenge of fighting misinformation and propaganda being used to destabilise regional communities and international alliances in conflict zones.

 The key messages were that:

1) Change is happening everywhere all the time

2) Change demands open proactive communication.

3) Where there is a communications vacuum, others will fill it if you don't.

4) Therefore opting out of proactive strategic communications is not an option in today's competitive world

5) Communication channels are universally available 24/7

6) A proactive newsdesk operated by people who understand the psychology of change as well as how to communicate effectively across different channels is the way forward

7) Traditional corporate communication structures, roles and job titles  are no longer relevant or effective

8) The way forward needs a strategic transformational communications plan, integrated with the transactional operational plan, synchronising internal and external communications to deliver consistent effective messages, justifications and examples using a wide range of channels used by the key stakeholders