MTM Approach


Team Meeting RoomThe MTM Centre for Leadership and Management Development approach focuses on how the core principles can be applied in each delegate’s own industry, role and situation.


We identify individual’s personality types and the range of leadership styles that fit their personalities, aligning them with their own and the group’s objectives. This helps them interact more effectively with their senior directors, peer groups, their teams or their customers.


The training and coaching needs of such key employees are vital to ensuring current and future success, so their strengths and weaknesses need to be considered and developed in a structured way that is aligned to their own personal learning styles.


They can then develop their own coaching or mentoring skills to improve the effectiveness of their own workforce.


    • Every coaching or mentoring session is relevant, has real value and can deliver high impact, because it is tailored to the specific needs of the individual or group of delegates with whom we are working


    • We incorporate the key learning points into our practical intensive coaching techniques, making the theory accessible, so that delegates understand and can quickly apply the approaches, techniques and tools we provide, to motivate, inspire or pursuade their audiences.


From helping to form and clearly articulate their vision, brand values and key objectives in a variety of communication situations that may include public speaking, board room presentation, team briefings and media interviews through to webinars, being questioned by government select committees or handling a crisis; our specialist coaching team make a real and lasting impact on the leaders and managers with whom we work, boosting both confidence and capability.


We help clients prepare and deliver speeches or presentations on new product launches or refine pitch presentations to sell their ideas & services, negotiate more effectively, create messaging that clarifies their position when issues arise and design and support culture or organisational change communications that have real impact and actually deliver the changes that have been targeted.