Executive Development


Quite simply, MTM develops high performing individuals and teams in corporate, public sector or non-governmental organisations to become highly effective leaders who can critically analyse and think both creatively and strategically.  


They must then communicate effectively to inspire, motivate and influence internal and external stakeholders in order to create a positive impact on their organisation, its brand and its performance.


We offer three distinct approaches:


1. A personal development mentor/leadership coach who will work with the individual or team over an agreed period of time to support their development and alignment with set key performance targets/indices.


That may be:



- Their first 100 days in post


-  The period of a defined project such as through a culture or organisational change project


-  An agreed set period such as 3, 6, 9 or 12 month



2. An agreed programme of specialist masterclasses that fit within an organisations’ own branded leadership development programme. MTM is typically asked to provide a range of bespoke, specialist skills coaching courses to deliver specific leadership or effective team communication skills that are aligned with the organisations’ vision, values and overarching narrative and key messages. That ensures everyone is able to consistently articulate these fundamental drivers of every decision and every interaction with their staff, clients and key stakeholders.


3. A self-selected but bespoke adaptation of core communication masterclass modules that meet the specific needs of the individual or teams. They are focused on increasing the effectiveness, confidence and underpinning knowledge of the delegates in specialist areas such as negotiation, public affairs, reputation management, high level media interview skills, crisis communication skills and developing personal impact   



For organisations or delegates who want to have active support as well as personal or team development, we also offer consultancy, facilitation and operational support with interim or strategic operational direction to achieve your goals.


That may include providing specialist consultants to:


1. Audit and report on the key leadership or communication resources needed to achieve your goal.


2. Strategically direct/manage in-house communication resources prior to and during a major launch, culture change, organisational reconfiguration or media/reputation crisis.