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MTM has unparalleled experience in delivering strategic communications advice, based upon auditing, research, design and implementation of communication plans for major projects and global organisations.


    • We provide both advice and, when needed, additional support services to ensure that our clients are fully prepared for the challenges of both internal and stakeholder engagement as well as external media and public scrutiny of them and their actions.


    • From designing integrated communications strategies for delivering corporate organisational or culture change, to providing the executive coaching and support needed to deliver their objectives, our teams are highly experienced hands-on professionals with a long history of being at the cutting edge of successful communications.



We often work with the executive board and their project teams to clarify the vision, the values and the actions that need to be taken to achieve their corporate goals. This is often integrated into a change-management communication strategy and roll-out plan.


When reputation matters, the MTM team conducts an audit of potential communication risks and offers a range of solutions from crisis planning to media management and developing a team of fully trained and practiced spokespeople.