Specialist Communication Skills Courses


Effective Communication Skills for Cross-Cultural Working

Using English as the Common Language


English is often the common language in global organisations or important business meetings and negotiations.


MTM have researched the many challenges of using English as the common language for audiences who don't have it as the first language.


The challenge of inspiring, motivating and persuading individuals and wider audiences is real... and in most organisations, often leads to costly misunderstanding and underperfomance of individuals and teams. When pitching or negotiating, the stakes are even higher. 


MTM offer leaders a unique, intensive two-day high-level personal communication skills coaching for between two and six senior executives in a group, to help them further develop their essential Communication and Networking skills.


It includes in-depth coaching, facilitated discussion, practical workshops, video/ audio recording and playback and role play scenarios that mix communication theory with practical skills/experience within the context of their audience needs.


Our focus is on enhancing the delegate’s current understanding and ability to communicate effectively when using English as the common language


The key learning outcomes include:  

  • Developing the delegates' understanding of the challenges faced when delivering effective communication, using English as the common language in multi-lingual and multi-cultural situations


  • Understanding the importance of and how to create the right mental approach, effective content, verbal and non-verbal styles and skills to deliver memorable presentations, briefings and speeches


  • Understanding the importance of acquiring, transmitting and using accurate language when communicating in a range of presentation, briefing and networking situations


  • Interpreting communication objectives and audience needs in multi-cultural social and business networking situations


  • Expertise in planning, preparing and writing effective speeches, presentations and briefings – and the confidence to deliver them effectively when under pressure or in ad-hoc situations


  • Alignment and coordination of team narrative and messages across a range of fast-changing situations using the correct expressions commonly used in conducting official meetings


  • Understanding the impact of culture, status, and differences in personality types on communication and developing the ability to adapt your communication in a range of likely situations that senior executives encounter in Europe


  • Understanding the potential for further development of communication skills with personal suggestions for continued learning and development 


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We will then create a tailored course that will exactly meet your needs and address your challenges.