High Performing People


The following are offered as individual courses, modules or as a complete communication skills development programme within a corporate CPD programme:


Business Development Meeting


Personal & Team Communication Skills 


  • Key communication skills for project managers


  • Leading teams effectively 


  • Briefing teams effectively 


  • Engaging and motivating teams


  • Motivating and managing individual performance


  • Handling difficult conversations


  • Negotiating effectively


  • Managing different personality types 


  • Communicating effectively in cross-cultural and/or multi-lingual teams


  • Managing remote teams effectively


  • Effective writing for internal or external marketing editorials


  • The manager as a leader – choosing and using the right leadership style


Communicating a change in vision, values, strategy or products 


  • Articulating the corporate vision and values effectively


  • Effective internal or external presentation skills


  • Effective handling of Q&A's in briefing sessions


  • Key skills for effective public speaking


  • Effective sales pitch presentation skills


Reputational communication skills 


  • Effective media management 


  • Managing in a crisis – planning and delivery of business continuity and reputation management 


  • Communicating in a crisis – key skills for effective managers