Board Level Executives


We deliver tailored, bespoke training for individuals and small groups of delegates on a date and at a location that suits you.


Advanced executive leadership development programmes are offered as individual courses, modules or as a complete communication skills development programme within a corporate CPD programme:


Crisis Communication - Planning and Testing


A crisis can occur quickly or it can slowly build. It can be caused by external factors or internal management issues. It can be caused by faulty product or service design or by the inappropriate actions of an individual or a team.


It is essential to assess potential reputational risks and create effective crisis and crisis communication plans that are simple, easy to access and implement.


MTM and our associates have worked all over the world with small and medium enterprises, global organisations, individuals and national governments to help plan for crises and test those plans to help identify potential threats or weaknesses.


We regularly update clients media crisis plans and messaging and keep them aligned with the external news agenda and changes in audience perspectives. 


Personal leadership communication skills 


      • Effective leadership styles and how to deliver them


      • Personal impact in boardroom presentations & speeches


      • Delivering authentic leadership that has impact and shows confidence


      • Effective communication at regulatory boards and public inquiries


      • Creative speech writing skills for board level executives   


      • Communicating effectively with cross-cultural multi-lingual teams/organisations 


Media communication skills 


          • Using social media effectively as a leader


          • Effective webinar presentation skills 


          • Working effectively with the international media 


          • Advanced media interview skills


          • Understanding, preparing for and dealing with reputational risks 


          • Advanced media crisis communication skills


          • The voice as a communication tool



Communicating change, vision, values and strategy


          • Change programme communication planning, content and delivery


          • Creating and articulating an effective vision and strategy


          • Engaging, inspiring and motivating a global workforce


          • Advanced public speaking skills 



Project launch and brand communication


          • Successful high level negotiations  


          • Major launch communications planning and delivery


          • Effectively influencing key stakeholders    


          • Confident question handling on panels and on stage