Advanced Media & Social Media Skills

MT168 - Radio Studio



To be a successful leader in a complex organisation,

you need a real understanding of how to communicate

well in the media and the skills to do it effectively.  


Managing personal reputation, sharing your vision and values, effectively handling the media as a channel to promote your organisation, thought leadership, products, services, industry position and through it, enhance your reputation,

is an essential skill.


Equally, understanding how to respond to critical media enquiries

or protect your reputation in a potential or real crisis, is vital.


MTM has a long history of providing discreet assessment, coaching and support for executives who wish to become more effective in front of the media, across a wide range of situations and technical channels. 



We provide consultancy, coaching and support ranging from planning and delivery of strategic media management during

crises, coaching for facing tough investigative media interviews, through to launch event media briefings, media interview skills training and rehearsal coaching for media interviews that really matter.


Our unique, proven programmes offer both personal media skills training and on-going mentoring & support to leaders as they face tough media scrutiny.


MTM's team of experts have the communications, leadership and real world expertise to work with your leadership team and their

key spokespeople to build effective skills, competence and confidence.  


There are five key areas of expertise:



Strategic Media Planning & Management

The MTM team conduct an audit of potential communication assets and competencies and then offer a range of solutions from crisis planning to media management, through to developing a team of fully trained and practiced spokespeople for major launch events or announcements.


We create effective interviewees who can get the message across when the going is good and still handle the toughest media scrutiny with competence and confidence, when it isn't. We can also supply hands-on operational support to supplement your own communications team, when the situation demands it.


Media Interview & Briefing Skills

We offer a wide range of print, radio and television interview skills covering face to face, telephone interviews, remote "down the line" broadcast interviews,  1+2 broadcast interviews and doorstep interview situations. 


We have our own broadcast radio and TV studios and a team of very experienced journalists covering a wide range of specialist topic areas and programme styles - covering most native European languages - and a deep understanding of how to coach delegates effectively as a positive learning experience - or if required to test them in the toughest crisis situations.    


Crisis Media Planning and Testing

A crisis can occur quickly or it can slowly build. It can be caused by external factors or internal management issues. It can be caused by faulty product or service design or by the inappropriate actions of an individual or a team.


It is essential to assess potential reputational risks and create effective crisis and crisis communication plans that are simple, easy to access and implement.


MTM and our associates have worked all over the world with small and medium enterprises, global organisations, individuals and national governments to help plan for crises and test those plans to help identify potential threats or weaknesses.


We regularly update clients media crisis plans and messaging and keep them aligned with the external news agenda and changes in audience perspectives. 


Strategic and Operational Crisis Management

The MTM media team have many years of experience in handling real headline grabbing media crises for a wide range of global clients.


From providing strategic crisis communications directors to supplementing or supporting a client's own teams when they are faced with the potential of a media onslaught, we have both advised on and actively handled crisis communications covering product failures, product recalls, organisational collapse, terrorist attacks, public inquiries, the publication of damning reports into public servic organisations, health and safety failures involving the deaths of employees, natural disasters and crisis planning for global sporting events and national emergencies.


We are available at short notice to help our clients protect their reputation, wherever they may be.... but we do advise that there is no substitute for planning, coaching and testing in advance!       


Social Media as an Effective Communication Tool

No communications plan is complete if it doesn't address the impact of social media on your organisation. MTM's specialists advise on how to plan, manage and use it effectively, how to integrate it into the wider strategic and operational communications plan, how and when to use it proactively and how, when and if you should react to negative coverage.


Reputations and fortunes are being made and lost on a daily basis as the result of social media coverage. MTM's Social Media Management Courses help our clients use it effectively.