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2019 is a year when UK businesses and those who deal with them will experience big changes as on March 29th, the UK is set to 'Brexit' the European Union.

What this actually means is still a mystery to all concerned, including, apparently, the politicians who are meant to be leading the country through it.

What is certain is that when there is such uncertainty, the impact of whatever is finally decided needs to be be communicated swiftly and clearly.

Global currencies are in for a ride and where UK sterling will be at any point during the process is anyone's guess. What we can be sure of is that many organisations have already implemented a Brexit contingency plan that is costing valuable resources that could have been used as investment in productive growth projects.

In addition, the divisiveness and uncertainty of the future status of their residency rights and the falling UK£ has meant the start of an exodus of European workers from both public and private sectors. The impact on key services such as the NHS as well as the potential issues for agriculture and the hospitality industries is going to put them all under severe pressure.

Reassurance, clear communication and a plan are the key factors leaders should be talking about to both their internal and external audiences. Nowhere is this more important that in high value manufacturing industries such as aerospace and automotive, both of which are seeing long term investment being moved into Europe.

The ability to motivate bewildered teams and worried individuals, is a key skill that leaders and managers need to be using right now.

MTM Leadership and Management Development offers you the consultancy, communication skills coaching and additional support to make sure that happens effectively. Please contact us for details via telephone: +44 1386 859 664
or email: info@mtmleadership.co.uk

Since the Brexit vote, effective leaders know that those around us need reassurance, guidance or just hope that we have a clear view of what is happening, its impacts and a vision for the way forward.

They need to urgently analyse the situation, assess the potential impacts, listen to sound advice, come up with a plan and communicate with their teams.

The MTM leadership coaching team have spent 20 years supporting, advising and coaching leaders in the public and private sector, here in the UK and overseas to be more effective communicators. This week, every one of them will be leading their teams more effectively as a result, reassuring, motivate and inspiring their people, help turn uncertainty into opportunity.

For support through the challenges and transformational changes ahead, just call (+44) 01386 859664 or email: info@mtmleadership.co.uk

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