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We know that in these uncertain times, it has never been more important to keep your staff, suppliers and customers informed about your business, your strategy and its impact on them. As the current situation may well extend into several months or even a year, being open and building trust with your key audiences, is vital.

We recommend that effective leadership communications in a crisis should include:

1) A well designed strategy that delivers your purpose, which may be delivering reassurance, important information or motivation

2) A clear narrative that allows your audience to understand the key messages and how they are linked to their needs

3) A logical, factual thread through a clear structure

4) Key emotional elements to deliver engagement and empathy with the audience

5) Careful word choices and phrasing that supports your purpose

6) Clear vocal and non-verbal delivery that supports the content in your communication

If you need any help with planning or delivering your communications strategy, please do contact us for consultancy, coaching or content creation. Simply email:

In the midst of a pandemic crisis that was predicted by the World Health Organisation, we know their recommended steps that governments are following to minimise the impact on individuals and our economies.

As leaders, we can therefore predict, with reasonable certainty, what we need to communicate during the next stage and beyond. What we don't know is how long the tail of the pandemic will be but we can broadly plan our business operations and communications for likely scenarios.

As leaders, we need to be proactive, open and honest to build up the trust of our many stakeholders and ensure a positive future. That requires a proper strategy and well considered, compassionate leadership communications.

Please contact us as early as possible to find out how we can help with online consultancy, remote coaching or operational support to deliver effective communications.
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